Our Worship of God

All worship begins with God, with a person's response to God's initiative.  Likewise, all that a church does in ministry begins with worship. Jesus will send no one into the world to evangelize or to do missions who has not been with Him.


Authentic worship begins with exalting God, but it is not complete until it results in an action of reaching people. Worship is not just a withdrawing from the world to gather in the presence of God.  If it is real - if it is authentic - it will lead those who are worshiping out into the world to minister to people.


In our worship at the First Christian Church of Cocoa Beach we incorporate both classic hymns and contemporary songs, realizing that tastes in music vary. The message of the song is more important that the notes in the music. The songs we sing are designed to draw us near to God, open our hearts and be ready to receive His Word.


We depend on a variety of people to assist making our worship the best we can possibly make it. Perhaps you might have an interest in helping us achieve a time of worship that will draw all who gather with us nearer to Jesus. If you are talented or interested in helping in any of the following areas, please contact the church at 783.4303.


Musical Talent 

  • Piano

  • Guitar

  • Other Instruments

  • Vocal

Technical Skills

  • Computer Operation

  • Sound System Operation